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Never heard of flowboarding before? I hadn't! Basically, it is a jet powered sheet wave to simulate the experience of surfing a wave. Surfing in a controlled environment, without having to swim, paddle and be afraid of sharks.

Apparently, everyone can do it! You can try it out at Flow House Manila in Cavite.

Happy surfer

Happy surfer

How to do flowboarding?

It looks like a bit of everything. Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and even a bit of wake boarding. Something with a board for sure. 

You start out by sitting or lying down on the board, and eventually you progress to a standing up position, as if you are really surfing those waves.

Manila For Kids @ Flow House Manila

Almost there

Manila For Kids @ Flow House Manila

Getting the hang of it

The instructors were very helpful and encouraging to both kids and adults. They need to be, as you will definitely fall off your board…numerous times! But the thick foam on all sides will protect you and the water is only an inch deep so there's not much to worry about.

Manila For Kids @ Flow House Manila

Good instructors

What you need to know

Minimum length is 42'' for a bodyboard ride and 48'' for a standup ride. However, my youngest is shorter than the minimum length and they allowed him to sit on the board with one of the instructors. We all had such great fun!

Chillin' on the board

Chillin' on the board

Afterwards, the children played and swam in the little pool while we had a snack and rubbed our sore bottoms.

A single ride is good for one hour and you take turns with other riders in your time slot. So it's best to go with your own group and call ahead to reserve your slot. Non-riders pay a small fee to enter and it is all consumable. The food was ok, the restaurant has shaded seating.

Manila For Kids @ Flow House Manila

On her own

Bring a rash guard, board shorts, towel and lots of sunscreen. Shower rooms are available but those were not very clean when we were there. Please Flow House Manila, make sure to have clean bathrooms, it's a must!

You can find Flow House Manila behind the Seasons Mall along Molino Boulevard near Daang Hari road. The Seasons Mall was not finished yet, so when you see a construction site, you are at the right spot. Free parking on site.

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Tips Flow House Manila

Bring rash guard, board shorts, towels and lots of sunscreen

Book ahead

Kids changed outside as the bathrooms were not so clean, bring a big towel to cover them

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Info Flow House Manila

Address: Flow House Manila, Seasons Mall, Molino Boulevard, Bacoor, Cavite

Open: Wednesday & Thursday, 12.30AM to 9PM,
Friday to Sunday 11.30AM to 10PM

Ticket: P650 per ride, non-riders pay P250 entrance fee (consumable)

Phone: 09951589225 or (049)4169442

Parking: free on site

Facebook: FlowHouseManila

Website: http://flowhousemanila.ph


Flow House Manila, Seasons Mall, Molino Blvd, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

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  • Manilaforkids
    2 years ago

    Just heard that Flow House Manila is temporarily closed. Make sure to call them before heading out!

  • manilaforkids
    2 years ago

    Flow House Manila has re-opened again!