Giveaway Takotown Spongebob’s Scary Halolween


Join this giveaway on our Facebook page and win tickets to Takotown Spongebob’s Scary HaLOLween!

Halloween Takotown

Take on the funny spooky challenge in this year’s Scary HaLOLween quest in Boo-kini Bottom! Don’t forget to bring your ticket to join Nickelodeon Takotown: The Scary HaLOLween.

What can you win?

5 tickets for winner
3 tickets for runner up
2 tickets for second runner up

For the event on Oct. 29, from 2PM-3.40 PM

– like the post on our Facebook page
– tag your friends in the comments below the post
– follow/like ManilaForKids and Nickelodeon Facebook page
– contest ends Friday, Oct.27 at midnight

How to win?
Each tagged friend is 1 point
Sharing the post is 20 points.
Winner is the one with most points.

Don’t forget to tag @manilaforkids and use #takotown when sharing the post. Make sure to set your shared post to ‘Public’!

Winners may claim their tickets at the venue upon showing their valid ID.

Join the giveaway HERE


Put your brave face on and shout “SCARY MEANS FUNNY!” with your might as you go face-to-face with The Flying Dutchman in this year’s The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom Quest.


“Prepare to witness the CHUM HORRORS as you go inside The Horrors of Chum Bucket created by Mr. Krabs especially for you! Don’t forget to shout “SCARY MEANS FUNNY!” because it just might save the day.

Join the giveaway HERE

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