College LinkQuest

College LinkQuest provides SAT Prep, Career Guidance, College Matching and Admission Services for local and US college bound students.

The idea behind College LinkQuest (“CLiQ”) was hatched in 2013. It was born out of the realization that the U.S. college entrance process heavily favored the high school students from the International schools like ISM and Brent. Coupled with the fact that the Philippine education system was about to apply the K-12 system, the time was ripe for a program that could assist students from the traditional Philippine schools to bridge the gap towards a quality U.S. college education.

Moreover, while studying further the study abroad options available to Filipino high schools students, CLiQ’s business development pioneers discovered that the great majority — if not all study abroad businesses in the Philippines operate under the “education agency” model. This means that the study abroad agency gets paid by college/university “partners” abroad for every student that they successfully recruit. As a result, the students choice of educational institution is limited only to those colleges and universities willing to pay a commission to the study abroad agency. Students may end up being enrolled in colleges or universities that do not match their personal and educational needs and preferences. Additionally, the most reputable colleges and universities have no need for an agency’s “help” in recruiting students from abroad, and thus in fact, refuse to deal with such education agencies. CLiQ had to be different.

CLiQ’s goal was to develop a suitable program that focused on the welfare of the individual student rather than commission-paying college abroad. The focus needed to be shifted from a school-centered commission scheme to a student-centered program that placed the child’s needs first and foremost. The college or university abroad needed to match the potential students preferences and needs, not the other way around as dictated by an agency commission scheme.

College LinkQuest (CLiQ)
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