Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge (JACK)

The Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge (JACK) invites children aged 7 to 16 to learn fundamental coding knowledge. By learning coding through dynamic and hands-on training, students develop creativity, and even strengthen their logical-thinking and problem-skills. It’s also an opportunity for them to be creators of technology!

In today’s digital world, coding has become a fundamental skill that is best taught at an early age. When kids learn how to create using the latest hardware trends and innovations, they also learn how to be more creative, at the same time, using logic, to solve problems.

JACK’s mission is to provide kids with the highest quality learning experience by celebrating and encouraging their creativity through dynamic and project-based learning all in a fun and engaging environment.

Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge school

Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge (JACK)
Penthouse, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
+63 977 841 0482