Maria Montessori Foundation

Maria Montessori Foundation is an institution of learning where the totality of life is explored and experienced.  It is a Montessori school that adheres faithfully to the Montessori philosophy and practice, providing quality education most natural to the child.

At Maria Montessori Foundation, we believe that a child is able to develop and acquire skills in a carefully planned prepared environment that has a lot of purposeful movement and activity.  Within this prepared environment, the children are allowed to explore and discover, gain independence, and enhance their sense of responsibility.  They are guided through the different areas of the Montessori curriculum by a trained teacher who not only understands the theory behind the Montessori method, but the characteristics and needs of each child in the class as well.

For the Casa and Elementary programs, we offer the Montessori Curriculum prescribed by the Association Montessori Internationale.  At each level, the programs are designed to address the developmental characteristics and challenges of children in that stage.  An integration of the different areas of learning is also practiced in and out of the classrooms.

Home-school collaboration is an important aspect of the Montessori education.  Our parents are our partners in ensuring that their children fully benefit from this education;

Children at Maria Montessori Foundation appear happy and engaged in their learning.  They develop a sense of responsibility and a love of learning which stretch far beyond the present classroom and time.

Maria Montessori Foundation
Caimito Drive, Ayala Alabang
Muntinlupa City
+63 2 842 6352