Slappy Cakes

There are many pancake restaurants to try out in Manila, but did you know there is a place where the kids can make their own? Check out Slappy Cakes, your children will love making pancakes...for you!

Slappy Cakes is an all day breakfast restaurant where you can enjoy a classic American breakfast, a Filipino favourite or a stack of fresh hot pancakes. The difference with other restaurants is that there are griddles built into each table, giving customers the opportunity of cooking their own pancakes right at their table.

Slappy Cakes Philippines

Manila For Kids at Slappy Cakes

Kids making their own pancake designs

Nothing can beat nice hot pancakes fresh of the griddle, especially if made by someone else, right? We tried out Slappy Cakes at SM Aura and let the kids take charge of the griddle.

Slappy Cakes Philippines

Slappy Cakes SM Aura exterior

Different flavours
Their batter comes in different flavours: buttermilk, chocolate, peanut butter and red velvet. Buttermilk is their best seller but we decided to order the sampler in three different flavours and colours. Then you can order some fixins like chocolate chips, fruits or cheese, to add to the pancakes while it's cooking. And lastly you can order toppings such as chocolate sauce, whipped cream, lemon curd and even cream cheese frosting to make your pancake extra yummy. There are also savoury options like bacon bits and cheese. There is no need to order all the extras as it standard comes with maple syrup.

Slappy Cakes Philippines

Sampler, fixins and toppings

How does it work?
The waiter turns on the griddle which is built in your table and once it's hot, turns it down to a lower temperature for cooking. The griddle itself does get hot so you have to watch your children and remind them not to touch or lean over it. But we found it safe enough to let them do everything themselves. The waiter explained how to cook the pancakes and showed the kids how to flip them over.

And then the fun part starts! The different colored batter comes in squeeze bottles so it is easy for the kids to make their own designs. They made pancakes in shapes of flowers, letters, hearts, a Mickey Mouse and all kinds of patterns thanks to the different colored batter.

After squirting their designs on the griddle, they added lots of chocolate chips and fruit and as soon as the bubbles appeared on the top, they flipped it over with the big ladle. When done, we topped it off with whipped cream and cream cheese frosting and devoured many of those. Quick, easy, fun and tasty!

Other dishes
If you are not so into pancakes, Slappy Cakes also offers other yummy breakfast dishes like salmon Benedict, bacon, eggs and toast and all kinds of pastas, burgers, soups and salads. Their bestsellers are the carbonara roll, the chorizo jam melt and another favourite of the kids: the chicken poppers.

The benches are cozy and easily fitted 3 adults and 3 kids, clean bathrooms. There are 4 branches to choose from. Their latest branch in Nuvali opens at 7AM to accomodate the early risers.


Will we be back at Slappy Cakes?

Yes! The kids loved creating their own pancake designs with the different coloured batter and they loved that they could cook it all on their own. And we enjoyed not having to do anything, as they were happy to keep on making pancakes in any shape. The other dishes are perfect for those days when you crave comfort food and classic breakfasts. Nice desserts too. A perfect place for breakfast during the weekend!



Good for all day breakfast (Filipino, classic, pancakes)

Also for lunch, dinner, merienda

Make your own pancakes

Order the sampler for different batter flavours and colours

Griddle gets hot so watch your kids

Safe enough for us to let the 5 year old cook his own

For the early riser - Slappy Cakes Nuvali branch opens at 7 AM

Info Slappy Cakes

SM Aura Premier - Lower Ground Floor

SM Jazz Mall - Ground Floor

SM North EDSA - Second Floor, The Block

Solenad 3 Nuvali




Map Slappy Cakes – SM Aura

Slappy Cakes
SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway, Taguig

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