Spartan Kids Race

Spartan Race is the world’s best obstacle course race, with over 240 races in 25 countries around the world this year. Joe De Sena, world class adventure racer, founded Spartan Race in 2010, in the green mountains of Vermont to make races a lot more fun and challenging.

A Spartan Race is not your everyday running race, so expect to run, climb, push, pull, throw and crawl through walls, hills, trees, mud, barbed wire and other challenging but fun obstacles. Note, that the barbed wire is used in adult races only.

Each race is always different from the last and they look for ways to make each event unique. Each race terrain is different, and they maximise the course track by making clever use of their wide range of obstacles. People keep coming back for more because it’s always a new challenge.

Lucky for us Filipinos, Spartan Race has finally set foot in the Philippines. And it’s not just the adults who can enjoy the race. Children of ALL abilities also have the chance to become a Spartan! Come join us in the next Spartan Kids Race on February 24.

Spartan Kids Race

The Spartan Kids Race was born to also encourage kids to be active, get muddy, help each other and have a good time while conquering obstacles. You are never too young to set goals and celebrate accomplishing them – an epic feeling that’s universal for all ages. Most importantly though, the kids race is a lot of fun!

The kids will be running, climbing, and crawling across the obstacle course track. They’ll be helping others along the way, and you can expect another racer to help your kid get over that difficult obstacle as well. Spartan Kids Race finishers will get a Finisher Shirt and Spartan Kids Medal. 

At what age can my kid participate?
Spartan Kid Races are open to kids 4-13 years old. Distances range from 500 meter to 2 km, depending on their age.

If your child is 14 and above, he/she can join the Adults Sprint Race. This distance is 5 km and you will tackle about 20+ obstacles.

Does my child have to be in shape?
People of all shapes, sizes and walks of life have completed Spartan Races. The beauty of this race is that children of ALL abilities are welcome to join. If your child doesn’t want to run, he can just walk. And if your kid cannot climb over a wall, there will be many other kids that will be more than willing to help her. Nobody gets left behind, everybody finishes. The Spartan community are well-known for being helpful and they don’t like seeing others struggle.

Can I stay with my child during the race?
Parents of the youngest kids and of children with special needs, can run along the side of the track, and keep an eye on their little ones. The older kids are perfectly fine on their own, so give them their moment to shine! There will be staff and volunteers running along with them, and helping those when needed. 

Professional photographers are on site to take pictures of your child.  Those will be made available for you to download for free, through their website.

Kids Racers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian whilst on-site. Racers accompanied by their parent/legal guardian must have a completed and signed Race Waiver form and the accompanying parent/legal guardian must show a photo ID to check-in.

Is it safe?
There are multiple build teams made up of trained professionals who have extensive experience engineering safe and functional obstacles and courses. The obstacles have been tried and tested in many many races before. They are especially designed for Spartan Race, and are made of high quality materials to ensure the highest safety standards. The mud is something that some parents might find off-putting, but the kids will love it! Clean water is used to make the muddy pools.

What to wear?
Best to wear sturdy running shoes with some grip and dri-shirts and shorts. Cotton shirts will be fine too.

Are there showers available?
There are no private showers, but after the race you will have access to a water system area in order to remove dirt and mud of your body. After rinsing, you can change into fresh clothes in a private space.

When and where is the Spartan Kids Race?
The next Spartan Kids Race is on Saturday, February 24, in Alviera, Porac, Pampanga. It’s about a 1.5 to 2 hours drive from Makati.

What is the race schedule for Alviera, Pampanga?

10:00 am : Ages 11-13 – 2km

10:30 am : 4 years old only – 0.5km (parents must run with racer)

11:00 am : Ages 8-10  – 1km

11:30 am : Ages 11-13 – 2km

12:00 pm : Ages 8-13 – 2km

12:30 pm : Ages 5-10 – 1km

Please arrive at least one hour before your child’s start time.

I want to spend a night, where can we stay?
You could easily make this into a day trip but if you prefer to spend the night, Spartan Race has partnered up with Savannah Resort Hotel offering you a nice discount. Email for reservations.

Click here for other hotel options in Angeles and in Clark.

How to register?
Through our partnership with Spartan Race Philippines, you receive a discount on the registration fee. Just fill out this simple form to avail of the ManilaForKids promo

> Kids: P750 in stead of regular registration fee P950

> Adults Sprint: 15% off the regular registration fee P3250

Every participant gets a t-shirt and a medal.

Next race is in Cebu! You can already sign up now through the same form.

Spartan Kids Race Video

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